Saturday, February 26, 2011

2010 Sewing Summary

Wowsers, just look at that to do list! It's Feb 2011 and there are still 15 things on last years to do list!  That's not good. Some of them will be going straight back on to 2011's To Do list. I wonder how many will get done this year?   

I did get VERY slack at blogging last year, there are things I made that I know never got blogged, better luck this year :)

P.S. These list appear over on the "Lists" page as well, to create a nice summary of all my completed items over the years... at least, that's the plan. 

To Do 2010
  1. crayon wallet 
  2. pads
  3. slip cover for lounge chair
  4. applique top to match cord pants
  5. aeroplane top for DS - in progress
  6. winter jacket for DS
  7. cord pants for DS (he'll then have 4 good pairs of winter pants)
  8. pjs for DS
  9. winter hat for DS (to match pants?)
  10. coasters for me 
  11. clothes for teddy (hat/undies)
  12. backpack
  13. chef hat and matching apron

          Done - 2010

          1. Fun Pants 
          2. Bag for swap
          3. Cord pants
          4. Undies: here and here
          5. cushion covers for mum and dad
          6. top for DS
          7. pencil wallet for DS
          8. pencil wallet for pressie
          9. memory game x 3
          10. fruit bags x lots
          11. crayon roll x 2

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