Friday, February 19, 2010

Mr Fun Pants!

Don't these pants just shout "fun!" to you?

They're fun to walk in

Fun to explore in

Fun to dance in

Fun to hide in

And fun to go adventuring with special friends in.

I got the fabric from an op-shop and used this trusty pattern again - size two. My boy is only little so I've had to shorten them quite a bit. I however shortened the pattern a bit too much meaning I had to do a small small hem on these pants. I got inspired and googled "rolled hem foot" and found this youtube video. It made it so easy!  I'm having a bit of trouble with length at the moment as sometimes DS is in training pants and other times in undies. He was obviously in undies when I made the pair of test pants and this caused me to cut the pattern too short. I wouldn't have thought the training pants would make much of a difference, but they do shorten pants by a couple of centimetres.

I really love these pants. They weren't on my to do list, they were a spur of the moment thing and were all the more fun to make because of it! DS also helping sew - he lifts the presser foot lever and lowers it for me at the beginning/end of every seam. He also 'helps' feed the fabric through :)


MoederKip said...

Gorgeous pants!
And such great photos :-)

Claireabell said...

Love them! You've inspired me to get sewing for my little boy. Your son is a real cutie too :-)

Joyce said...

He looks so very cute! I think I will swap you- I will teach you to bake, if you will help me to cut out patterns...I have some for some skirts and shirts for the girls

sunshinedays said...

Thanks guys! Claireabell - can't wait to see what you create for your little boy.

Joyce - that sounds like a great plan to me!!

Beetlehouse Designs said...

Very cute pants. They are adorable. :)