Saturday, February 27, 2010

Making Life Simpler

Or the big wardrobe clean out lol

In an effort to make my life that much more simple, I am trying to declutter. A cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind, and all that... Plus the less stuff you have, the easier it is to put away and generally keep the whole house neat and tidy (and tidy and neat - any Mr Men fans lol??).

Here is what my wardrobe looked like before (and yes, I am embarressed to be posting this!):

And here is what I managed to declutter:

11 items sitting waiting by the door for someone from freecycle to come and pick them up.

That's just stage one of the cleanout...stage two happening soon.


Mrs Bloggs Cec said...

wow sunshine days , your before shot looks neat compared to my cupboard, if its raining tomorrow i think i will head into my cupboard thanks for the inspiration.

sunshinedays said...

Would love to see your before and after shots - keep the inspiration going :) It is so much better when your wardrobe only has things that fit and that you enjoy wearing!

Joyce said...

woohoo looks awesome! Great job!