Thursday, December 31, 2009

Following on from yesterday's post, here are my answers to the questions.

1. How do you fill your space?
With sewing stuff, scrapbooking stuff

With books - a mix of gardening, novels, and parenting/self-improvement

With a lot of stuff waiting to be scrapbooked...I'm very sentimental and keen to scrapbook so I have heaps of stuff just waiting to be scrapbooked. Sigh... some would call it clutter...

2. How do you spend your time? (aka, what do you always make time for)
- being Mummy
- discussing parenting with online buddies

- sewing
- hanging out in sewing forums
- blogging (not enough!)
- making lists :) DH tells everyone that I make too many lists lol.
- decluttering - not that you can tell tho

3. How do you spend your energy? (on activities that energise you, not leave you feeling drained)
- sewing for me (but not sewing under pressure - that can be draining)

- playing with DS
- with good friends
- going for walks with DH
- getting organised/decluttering - this is very freeing, when I'm doing it because I want to, otherwise it can be a big drain.

4. How do you spend your money?
- fabric, patterns
- socialising with a few good friends

5. Where are you most organised and ordered?
- um... nowhere really! I like to be organised, and I strive to be organised, but it doesn't happen that often. I'm getting there tho!

6. Where are you most disciplined, reliable and focused?
- In my list making lol.
- I realibly research everything (this is very annoying, even for me!)

7. What dominates your thinking?
- how to be the best mum I can be - at the moment I'm thinking a lot about communication
- sewing - the next project, what fabric to buy
- our next house - where will it be, when will it be?

8. What do you visualise and dream about that is becoming a reality?
-raising a happy and healthy little boy - he's a stunning little boy and I love his personality
- our new house - tho this one is a little slow on the 'becoming a reality' part

9. What do you talk to yourself about? (what ideas are you constantly telling yourself you would like to persue)
- a tidier, more organised house with less clutter - I guess I notice it a lot more now that I am home full-time instead of out at work all day

- being more self-sufficient in terms of food items. We've been slack at this house as we were never really going to be here long... there's been lots of reading about it and planning but little doing
- that new house of ours - it seems we are going around in circles, don't know what step to take next
- regaining my fitness. It has disappeared since I became a mum. I miss the dancing and karate days...

10. What do you talk to others about?
- DS
- sewing
- gardeing
- strawbale homes
- life
- parenting

11. What is it that inspires you and has consistently inspired you?
- talking to people with similar ideals as myself - it is always inspiring to discuss your thoughts and plans with others and to hear theirs

12. What are your longest held goals?
- um... apart from the big stuff, like a happy life-long marriage (which is coming along nicely), it would be that new house that we have been dreaming of building for many years now. Too many years, it is time to make it happen!

The results? My values and goals:

What does this show about me? That I'm hyper-focused on DS? and my desire for a new house! And that I love being creative and making things. Hmm... I guess that translates into the ultimate desire to provide a homely home for my family and to be part of a loving and happy family.

What are your responses to the questions?

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