Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Sewing Summary - 2009

Here are all my Lists from 2009.

summer hat - DS - just needs lining
summer pjs - cut and pinned
thermal top - DS - cut out - no rush
trackies - me - partially sewn - no rush

The bottom three have been WIPs for a loooong time, maybe close to a year? I'm not particularly motivated to do them...

OOPS! xmas - DS - backpack
OOPS! xmas - DH
xmas - BIL -
fruit bags - lots (me)
OOPS! balaclava - need pattern
PRIORITY: baby block set
OOPS! fancy toddler winter hat - DS
OOPS! car window shades - have fabric
OOPS! pj pants for me
OOPS! something special - DH
fabric mobile
box bag
zippered pouch
zippered pouch - another option
zippered pouch - 3rd option
easy skirt (me)
winter skirt (me)
note book cover (me)
car seat organisers
curtains (me)
toddler apron (late Jan)
note book cover (Feb)

Hmmmm... a little ambitious maybe? A lot still on there! Some are things I do really want to make too - like the skirt for me and those little zippered pouches, and the note book cover and and and.... I think I see my problem! A lot of these will be going straight onto my 2010 To Do list :) Hopefully this year, they will get done.

DONE IN 2009
green truck pants DS
cushion covers x 4 (parents xmas)
tote bags x 2 (MIL, SIL xmas)
Little Explorer shorts (nephew's xmas)
toddler hat x 7 (1 x b'day, 6 x Xmas)
oven mitt - who for??
training pants x 7 (DS)
training pants x 2 (DS)
thermal pants x 2 (DS)
toddler winter bucket hat (b'day present)
bag for EB swap
toddler hat (b'day present)
toddler sweatshirt (DS)
toddler apron (b'day present)
toddler winter hat - polar fleece (DS)
leather/denim toddler shoes (DS)
leather toddler shoes (DS)
duckie pj pants (DH)
duckie pj pants (DS)
apron & pot mitts (Mother's day)
toddler bib with sleeves (DS)
training pants x 2 (DS)
bedtime leggings (DS)
trackies (DS)
waterproof play pants (DS)
soft baby block (b'day present)
nappy (for DS) x 2
bib with sleeves (for DS) x 2
crayon roll x 2 (b'day present)
pj trackies for DS
adult apron (b'day present)
pin-cushions x 2 (b'day present)
pin-cushions x 2 (EB swap)
hoodie for me (sewing class)
toddler dress x 3 (presents)
trackies for DS
Little Explorer overalls (for DS)

WOWSERS! look at that list! It's huge. That's a huge benefit of blogging. If I hadn't made this list as I went I would have no idea that I'd made so much this year. Admittedly, there are heaps of duplicates - especially when it comes to hats and training pants, but still, that is a big list of things. I made heaps more than I did in

QUESTION: The orginal To Do lists in my sidebar have some links in them. Is there an easy way of copying those links into the above summary or would I have to do them all manually? Ideally I'm doing these summary posts so I can remove 2009's lists from the sidebar (so they don't get too long and cluttered), but I want to still have all the links...

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