Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Sewing Part 2

Did I mention I was making hats? Here are some photos of them!

Here is DH kindly modelling the first batch of christmas hats - he's got five on :) One each for my nephew and two nieces, DS and two of DS's little friends. It's a great hat pattern although it does call for a heap of hand-sewing. I'm not sure whether to look at how other hat patterns go together or to stick with this one now that I know it so well.

This is about the best photo I got of one close up. I was in such a rush to get all the sewing done and then wrapped and given that I forgot to take proper photos.

And here is DS and one of his favourite little friends. DS is wearing another version of the same pattern that I made as a test run a while ago. Little Friend is wearing her just-opened chrissy present along with a dress I made her ages ago (I think it was nine months ago but it still fits!). I really love that fabric.

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