Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Putting his best foot forwards

DS has been on his feet for a month so it was time to put some shoes on them. I didn't want to buy any and I'm glad I didn't! These cost me next to nothing to make - I got a bag of craft leather for five bucks at the op shop and used some old jeans for the denim. The elastic was the only thing I paid retail for!

So, h,Here is my little man showing off his cute new shoes. They have leather soles and the rest is denim. I made them from a tutorial on this site. They go together very easily - even more easily if you extend the back piece and fold it over to make the casing like I have here. Have a look in the gallery on that site for some inspiration - so many cute pairs of shoes.

The cute little duckie shoe below is the first shoe I made with leather. It is lined with denim. It was harder to do than the leather/denim purely because of the bulk. I did one shoe a while ago, decided it was huge, and made the denim pair at a smaller size. The denim pair fit, but not for long so I made the second duckie one. In between the first and second shoes, I got a new sewing machine, and as a result, the second duckie shoe is much neater than the first. I find it much easier to go slow on the new machine.

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