Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So much to do...

I've just updated my To Do list again. It is forever growing. I am adding to my Completed list as well, but it can't keep up with the To Do list. I need more time!

My sewing room is in a bit of a mess after I switched the desks around last week. Trying to get everything in its proper place so when I do have the time to sew I can do it easily without spending half my time searching for everything. FlyLady tells me I need to spend 15 minutes a day and then my sewing room will be great, neat and functional. Once it's neat and functional I MUST spend five minutes at the end of each sewing session to put stuff away! This means no more rushed, late night sewing sessions.

At the top of my To Do listed, marked URGENT is shoes for my little boy. He's walking now, and it's coming into winter so he needs some shoes to keep his little feet nice and dry. I have a pattern (that I'm too tired to link to now) that I need to adjust down in size. I have the leather (a $5 bargain find at a local op shop). My mission for tomorrow is to resize the pattern and do a test run out of cotton. If the test run fits first go hopefully I will get the leather cut out and ready to go as well.


MoederKip said...

Go girl!
I'll be doing a sewing room inspection next time I'm there :-)

sunshinedays said...

But I've done such a good job of hiding it from you lol. It's getting there...nearly presentable!