Saturday, January 3, 2009

Toddler dress revisited

The little dress I made - it is Burda 9708 -

I picked it up from Spotlight just before christmas. I made view C, without the applique, simply because I thought this would be the easiest one to do :)

It was really easy. The hardest part was the straps, which was funny given I chose a dress with tie-up straps t avoid button holes... but really, the straps weren't hard, just a little fiddly to get the curves right when sewing , and then you have to turn them in the right way (I don't like turning things, don't know why, but I always find it fiddly).

I've already started making two more of these dresses. I'm leaving out the interfacing as I really don't think it is necessary, if anything it made the bodice too stiff (probably would be different if you used a lighter-weight material, I used a quilter's cotton, so already quite thick). So, there are four main pieces to cut out, plus eight for the straps, and it goes together really quickly. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a little girls pattern. When I have more time I will try one of the other views. Oh, and it is from 6 months to 3 years, so I'm going to get heaps of use out of it, making pressies for all the little girls I know.

Will update this with a photo of it on as soon as I can.

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