Friday, January 16, 2009

Before, and.... more before shots

It has been HOT here this week, far too hot to sew. But I wanted to do something. So I tried to tidy my sewing area. Here are the before shots. Warning: photos may disgust!

This is my sewing desk:

Alongside my sewing desk:

On the next wall - the wardrobe which has a lot of my fabric in it - note most of this is old clothing waiting to be remodelled.

Continuing around the room is a little bookshelf:

And last but not least, another desk - this is on the wall behind my sewing desk:

The theory is that once I have the place tidy, I will post after shots. And thereby have my motivation to keep the place tidy! It is a lot easier to sew when everything is where it should be and the desk is clear. The reason I have such trouble with this is that everything seems to be sewn in a rush. So my main goal is to not leave projects to the last minute. Everything else should fall into place. Hopefully.

I'm not exactly short on space, but I am low on organisational skills!! This was meant to be our study, but DH seems happy for me to have completely taken it over :) He seems to like how happy sewing makes me.

It is actually a little tidier, I managed to find my main desk on the hot days, using FlyLady's [] 'you can do anything in 15 minute's' theory. I just haven't taken another photo yet... save that for another day

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