Thursday, January 29, 2009

My To Do List

I started this a couple of days ago, but with the heat and then power outages, I'm never going to get it finished... so I'll post what I've done and update it later!

It is way too hot to do any sewing - 43 degrees for the second day in a row :(

So I'm trying to get organised with my to do list so when the cool change (to a nice and cool 30-something) comes I'll be ready to pop into Spotlight and buy all the stuff I need to proceed.

So... here goes...
*2 soft blocks for a couple of new babies using this tutorial
These are my #1 priority as I want to go and visit a very new baby and cannot do so without a gift! I'd like these done by Fri 6th Feb.

*toddler apron This is for the big brother of one of the new babies so also needs to be done by 6th Feb. I already have the fabric for this so I could probably get it cut out tomorrow.

* something special for DS's birthday. Hmmm.... Needs to be done by Fri 13th so I'm not stressing. Haven't left myself much time, have I? Especially given I don't know what I want to make...sigh...

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Moeder Kip said...

Can't wait to see the blocks... I've been wanting to make some of these! I'll check back when the weather cools down :-)