Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is new...

It's a pram (well, derr!). But anyone who knows me will realise what a big deal this is. My little man is 13 months old and this is only the second time he has been in a pram. Till now, he has always been carried - in our arms, in a ring sling and in an ergo. But, well, he's getting heavier, and as much as I LOVE carrying him, it was getting hard. Plus I hoped it would help him get to sleep those days when he was tired but resisting.

I was lucky enough to get this off freecycle yesterday. And, after a short walk around the block he fell asleep - happy days! But I am a little confused by the whole world of prams. I mean, these things are BIG! How do people fit them in the car? This thing barely fits in our house! I also found it quite awkward to push, I seemed to be stepping on the wheels. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be admitting all this! It also took us a loooong time to work out how to collapse it, and how to get it to recline. This is a whole new world. I can't imagine taking it on public transport. And there is no way we could put it in the boot when we were going shopping or away - and that's with a wagon.

So, I've entered this strange world of prams, I'm not ready to pass judgement just yet...


MoederKip said...

Oh my.... check you out!
Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

I lothe prams and strollers .... even more so now that we don't have a car and public transport is it

I also have problems with stepping on wheels and feeling awkward ;) thats why I bought me an ergo ... its alot easier with the L.O on your back than front or side though

oh and finding someplace to put it when not in use is a challenge too.... miss walks now anyway so not so much of an issue