Saturday, February 28, 2009

Habby Swap

I feel so bad that it has taken me so long to post about this. Over on EB I recently participated in my first swap. The idea was to buy a bunch of haberdashery for your recipient.

I was so excited to receive my parcel in the post. My DH hid it from me to remove any temptation. I had had a really rough week and I must say that opening the parcel was pretty much the only highlight. You could say it came at the right time for me. Anyway, what did I get? Here are a couple of pics:

I love the little organiser, I would have been happy to get that and the mag! But the organiser (in my favourite colour, no less) was full of goodies. There were buttons, piping, elastic, strap adjusters for when I make my first bag, thread, safety pins and more. The mag is great, I never buy them so I keep pouring over this one. It has got so many inspiring photos in it. I have decided to make the memory card game for DS's next birthday. I figure if I start now, I may get it done in time!

Oh, and there was also a bunch of fabrics, including some from the Very Hungry Caterpillar. These will make great feature pockets on some pants for DS. I am yet to buy designer fabrics, so another luxury for me :) Thank you so much to Estherp ( for this lovely gift. I will be back for more swaps.

Oh, and I nearly forgot. I sent off a little package to Ingrid (you can see pics here: I must say I was nervous as she creates amazing things and I so didn't know what to get her. I decided on using my fave fabric as a bit of a theme and built it up from there. Ingrid says she liked it, so I am very glad.


Becky said...

What a great package! Can't wait to see the 'memory card game' when you make it :)

Karen said...

Wow you got some great stuff! Love the Hungry Caterpillar fabric, can't wait to see it made up.