Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Sewing Room & A Previous Project

Ok, so it's meant to be a study. But, well, there's no-one studying in this house :) So it's my sewing room, craft room actually. I have tried scrap-booking, card-making, knitting, crocheting and now it's sewing. I had to spend a bit of time tidying the place up before I took this photo as I have supplies for each craft.

My machine is an old Janome on loan from a very kind Aunty. I don't have a manual for it, I've had no training in sewing, so I'm kind of flying blind. But I'm getting there. And some very helpful on-line tutes have helped me out a lot.

I used this tute to make some shoes for my niece's first birthday. I was so impressed that I kept doing little dances of joy while I was making them. It is a great tute as it assumes you know nothing about sewing and tells you to do things, like ironing, that others don't. I had never ironed anything during the sewing process before. It made it so much easier.

It's not the best pic, but anyway... here it is: the shoes, and a matching headband.

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Kelly said...

Those shoes are just gorgeous - congratulations and thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial, I have lots of friends having new babies and they will make great gifts!